19.11.19 | 7:11 pm

i am trying to get back into my daily habits -- walking emma (at least one hour), doing yoga (at least 30 minutes), reading (at least 30 minutes), practicing french (at least 30 minutes), etc. each day. they give me a sense of purpose. something to do. something to fulfill myself with.

it's better, living this way. i can have my glass of wine (or two) now, after crossing everything off the list, after feeling so accomplished, and it's worth it.


today, i spent an hour with one of the teachers at the middle school. she spent 30 minutes talking in english (she will be going on holiday to an english-speaking country soon) and then we spent 30 minutes talking in french.

and at the end of it, she told me that i actually have a great level in french, why do i think i'm so terrible? i don't make many errors, and when i do, i often correct them before someone else can, i can speak quickly and clearly, and in general, i can understand other people.

so it's a good question.

why do i think i'm so terrible?


a nice thing:

as i did my yoga today, my hair cascaded across my shoulders, and i realized how long it has actually become.

i like it.

that's all.

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