22.11.19 | 8:34 pm

this evening, i stood in a room with my coworkers as javier taught us how to salsa.

un, deux, trois, quatre.
uno, dos, tres, quatro.
one, two, three, four.

angela and i danced together, and laughed as i made mistakes, and later, javier spun me and spun me, and i couldn't help thinking, i am so lucky, so happy, to be here.


javier, chris, and i went out to a wine tasting last night. the tasting turned into drinking turned into going out to the bars turned into eating chicken curry sandwiches on my couch at 2am.

we ran into one of my coworkers, pauline, who told me that she's so terrible in english. (she's fluent. actually fluent.) it's a good reminder for me that, no matter what level i get to with my french, there will always be doubts. always.

later, in the very loud bar, i found out that the three of us are all aquarians, that they're more prone to depressive episodes (as opposed to my anxious ones), that they are not the biggest fans of dating french women.

i am so tired today, in bed already, but it is so worth it.

i am so lucky, so happy, to be here.

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