will ye go lassie go
25.11.19 | 7:07 pm

tom from manchester is sending me songs over whatsapp to listen to because i recommended some music to him.

he's sweet.

we're just going back and forth, song for song.

these are the things i like, that i miss.

our night together wasn't pre-planned; it wasn't clear what the ending was going to be; i legitimately thought i'd have a glass of wine and go home. but i had such a good time that we continued. and continued.

and that's how i wish it could always be.

with this beforehand: slowly getting to know someone through the things they like.

it feels so... high school/college. in the best way.


i need to plan my travel for december (maybe belgium, the netherlands, that's the rough idea anyway), but i cannot get inspired to do it. i get bogged down with the details. i prefer the ideas, the outlines. don't make me research research research all the best deals.


i'm sort of sick. allergies? a cold? i'm not sure.

but my sister-in-law gets here on wednesday so my body needs to shape up.

my eyes are so heavy...

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