36 questions
03.12.19 | 8:18 pm

this morning, i discovered the 36 questions podcast musical, and it's lovely and brilliant and i'm listening to it again now. i just miss feeling this specific kind of closeness with someone, even the kind of closeness that leads to betrayal. anyway, it's really good and it's worth a listen.

i do like that whole stupid 36 questions idea, from that article, you know? that makes me feel stupid to say for some reason.

today was a good french day, which means my head hurts a bit now and my brain feels tired. but i like the good days, fumbling my way through these conversations, wading through that water, hoping i'm understanding as much as i think i am.

at the grocery store, i saw the guy i've been talking to on tinder for the past day or so. he's cute and i started our conversation by asking about books.

for my reading list last year, i'm trying to ask my friends - if you could choose *one* book everyone should read, or that changed your life, what would you recommend?

so if you have recommendations... you know where to leave them.

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