random thoughts from my bed
04.12.19 | 10:35 pm

it feels like such a paradox that i want to use up all of my energy, that i urge to push my body toward exhaustion, while at the same time i don't have the mental energy to accomplish all the things i'd like to.

i bought a combo vitamin c + hyaluronic acid serum and i used it for the first time tonight. over the last year or so i've been trying to take better care of my skin. i guess i don't want to look my age. (to be fair, most people guess 3-5 years younger, but that's my personality more than anything.)

still listening mostly to the first half of 36 questions.

might get a drink with the italian guy friday.

watching a movie with jeremy tomorrow (not sure about him, he talks a lot).

need to book hotels/hostels/airbnbs for amsterdam and stop putting it off.

i updated my tinder pictures and then i worried that they're pictures that are too flattering so i added one i don't really like so much. but i still think they're too flattering. i guess i'm always afraid to be more disappointing in person.

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