i want a snack but i have no snacks
14.12.19 | 11:47 pm

tonight i went on a date that literally consisted of just walking (which, actually, is great for me -- i love to walk, and there are always things to be talking about). but, we actually passed by an apartment with people standing outside, and the guy knew these people, and that's how i ended up drinking a heineken at a real french party for a bit during a date.

the date itself was nice. a nice thing about being nearly thirty is that you are fine with being a lot more up front about the things you like or want.

but i honestly wish i could meet more french people who just don't even know a lick of english. (honestly, one of the main reasons i keep hanging out with vincent is that he doesn't speak english.) we spent the first third of the date talking in french and then at some point, i don't even know when, we switched to english and it stayed that way. but it was nice, when he was introducing me at the party, the men asked, "anglaise?" and he said, "non, americaine, mais elle parle le francais aussi." yes, that's right, i can speak french too, buddy.


i've done yoga -- at least twenty minutes -- every day for the last five days. it's amazing what a difference such a small thing can make. i don't mean intense yoga here -- i mean easy, lazy, stretchy yoga that just makes you feel good.


where are all of the compatible men for me? are they all just from england?

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