florence and other things
17.12.19 | 9:43 pm

i want to be like florence when i’m her age. she’s 55, she travels constantly, she has so many hobbies, she’s always going to different classes to learn new things. she seems so free and so willing to enjoy what life has to offer.

at our lesson today, pauline and another coworker i don’t know so well joined us and we had a conversation about dating, and apps, and having children, all in french (and i should really say i mostly just listened — but generally understood — as the conversation moved quickly and it was hard enough to just keep up).

honestly, sometimes when i’m in a conversation like that, i drift off because i’m thinking about how cool it is that i can understand the conversation at all.

anyway, pauline drove me back to avignon (we live near each other), and i find her perhaps the most non-threatening person to speak with in french from work. i think this is simply because i know she’s a bit insecure about her english level (even though she is straight up fluent). and in the car, she reminded me, “no one expects you to be perfect - it’s not your first language, you’ve not even been in france for a year.” it’s good to remember these things.

saturday night, she and her friends are having a nice little holiday party, and she invited me and the other assistants as well. i’m really looking forward to it.

friday night, i have my second date with omar. i will keep myself from getting too excited about this.

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