christmas eve dinner in france
24.12.19 | 11:53 pm

i don’t know why i’m so scared of everything all of the time — but it’s a good reminder that i just have to push myself, keep going outside of that comfort zone, and i’ll find something amazing (cheesy as it sounds).

the dinner was absolutely wonderful. i spoke in french with my coworker’s family and they were all so lovely and warm. so fucking welcoming.

they even got me presents! a blanket (because i said in class that i wanted one), a handcrafted pen made of cherry wood, a set of lotions. they were so kind and i am so thankful.

the dinner was incredible — all kinds of champagne and wine, oysters, shrimp, foie gras, smoked salmon, smoked duck breast, snails, lobster, ice cream with alcohol as a digestive, and so. much. bread. the dinner started after 9pm and when i left after 11, it wasn’t even over yet!

also i think she wanted to try to set me up with her (very cute) nephew — she said a few things about how handsome he is and when he would go out for a smoke, she’d ask me if i smoked and if i wanted to join.

i know i’ve said it many times before, but i’ll say it again because it’s true: i am so grateful that this is where i was placed, that these are the people i am here with. it’s better than i could’ve ever expected.

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