fucking twenty-four-year-old jfc
08.01.20 | 10:21 pm

i am not trying to sit here and bring this energy of really wanting some dumb boy to message me into 2020!!!!!!

tito and i saw you outside of that restaurant while we were making our pizza orders. i saw you.

and when we heard the fighting of two random men, when we saw them go into the grocery store, when we saw one emerge with a giant knife and start stabbing the air, tito grabbed my hands and ushered me into the restaurant, as far away as possible from the commotion.

we continued holding hands, unsure of what to do, until a worker in the restaurant went out and broke the two up.

but i know you were there. you were just across the street. i walked right by you. i saw your face.

so when i messaged you later, asking if that was you, if you saw the man with the knife -- you just said "Non ^^" and left it at that.

and i will tell you: i am too old for this bullshit. i am too old for this.

get me out of this fucking headspace where i need attention this badly that i tried to make conversation with you.

fucking hell.

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