i cant take my eyes offa you
11.01.20 | 2:07 pm

i walked past you at 1:30am, me returning from the salsa night with my friends, you waiting on someone to come out from the bar, and when you saw me first, you looked away. i held my hand up in a pitiful wave right before i passed you and you returned the gesture. do you just live at the bar next to my apartment now? is this what it will be like?


i want to go out and drink tonight.

i want someone to approach me.

the other night, when i went to the bar on my own, when i drank a glass by myself and just listened to the music being played, there was a boy, blonde, shaggy-haired, who kept looking at me, smiling at me. and he was cute, but, i'm sure, quite young.


my nails are bare for the first time in months.

i just want to sleep.

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