21.01.20 | 1:04 pm

i met manu last night. cute glasses, cute beard. he talked a lot but i think he was nervous. i also find that when people are nervous about my french ability, they tend to dominate the conversation (that's fair and usually i appreciate it).

but when we walked up to the bar, hugo was standing outside, wearing the same jacket and scarf he always wears. why is he everywhere? i am cordial - i say "salut hugo, ca va?" and he begrudgingly says, "ca va," and looks away as quickly as possible.

i don't like the idea of being someone people regret. of being a mistake.

i'm not trying to be his girlfriend or even his friend. so i don't understand why he can't just be nice to me.

no matter. all of this says much more about him than it does about me.

manu is interesting, though. he's only in the city once every week or two weeks. his birthday is in february too. he used to be a chef but now he does something about moving cars? i don't really understand, but he seems to enjoy it. and i like people who could cook for me.

i think he wanted to kiss me.

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