the good and the bad
03.02.20 | 7:21 pm

since this weekend, i have had several bad interactions with men. see the following.

1. my french friend jeremy told me that he had been wanting to become friends with benefits but he "thought it would crash our friendship and having an american friend is more interesting," which was a clear way to say this to see if i responded with, "why yes, we should definitely fuck." that's lame.

2. david, who told me he wanted to see me friday night, then proceeded to not respond to me all weekend for fuck knows what reason.

3. alex, who i saw twice last week, also proceeded to not respond to me all weekend.

4. a random guy on tinder went in suuuuper hard, kept telling me he "liked my curves" (but in french), and proceeded to call me a "petite gourmande," which is basically someone who likes to eat, but he explained it as "someone who is hungry for food and sex." so. that was gross.

5. a different guy on tinder kept trying to steer the conversation to get me to say whether french or american men are better in bed, even though i obviously kept trying to steer the conversation back to something normal and/or appropriate.

6. literally all of saturday night in regards to hugo.

okay, now some good things that happened.

1. tito and i made crepes for le chandeleur and just hung out in my apartment being lazy.

2. some of my middle schoolers that i had last semester (and who, we just found out, i get to work with again this semester!) found me in the hallway and told me how excited they were to work with me again! and we get to work on the tempest!

3. i am getting ready to do day 30 of ywa 30 days of yoga, and i think tomorrow, i'll start another one of the series.

4. it was in the 60s today, so emma and i spent a lot of time outside this morning. it was quite nice.

5. i am going to sleep in as much as i want tomorrow because i am so exhausted.

6. i am planning my february vacation and i'm going to meet some friends in bordeaux, and i have a couple of friends who will come back to avignon next week, so i think i'll just hang with them. that will be nice, i think. i just need to think of something for my birthday now.

okay that's all for now.

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