david and birthday, etc.
06.02.20 | 8:54 pm

a few nights ago, i went to david's apartment (his building is one door down from mine, so the walk was literally thirty seconds). we split a bottle of white wine and watched a clips of a french satire show (without subtitles) that i still understood fairly well. he's a nice kisser.

i would like it, perhaps for convenience's sake, if something could grow out of this. i do find him a bit alluring, i do find him intelligent, i do find him cute. but i'm not certain how mutual it is.

my birthday is next week. i will be thirty years old. it's an age i'm looking forward to.

i'm trying to figure out how to spend the day because, by the looks of it, i'm going to be here alone. so it's best to fill my day with interesting things i've been wanting to do or try but, for some reason, haven't done yet.

also, i know it's useless to think this, and i know it's not in the "spirit" of it all, but i got every person in my immediate family birthday gifts last year. i'm wondering if anyone (besides my parents) will think of returning the favor. i wouldn't say my family is the best at thinking ahead or being thoughtful (though i love them dearly).

i'm so tired that i'm in bed at 9pm, about the watch more of the circle, and go to sleep. tomorrow is the last day before vacation.

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