it’s like i’ve been homesick all year
10.02.20 | 10:53 pm

if i’m being honest, i’ve had a really rough go of it since the beginning of the year. i would go into the myriad of things that went wrong today. but instead i’ll say this.

i went on a date with a sweet man named sami who talked entirely too fast in french but was ultimately very kind and is not the kind of person who would push me into anything.

tomorrow i have another date with david and we are going to a bar to play board games. i am really excited, even though he essentially does not respond to me on the weekends.

and i saw you while i was walking home, and i think you saw me too. but i just kept walking.

i don’t have to engage with things i know are unhealthy. i can be better.

i can be better.

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