a good night
29.02.20 | 12:52 am

i don’t like that when my phone buzzes, i hope it’s you.

tonight you told me your family owns an apartment in town, and if i come back next year, i could probably live there if i wanted.

i have your ocs login so i can watch hbo shows and other things.

we’ll go for drinks tomorrow to celebrate your new job.

it’s nice to have a friend.

i can’t help it that i still look for him in the crowds at the bars, at the plaza. tall, dark hair, black coat, green scarf. but i’m not disappointed when i don’t see him.

i sat in tito’s apartment with daniela and paola, drinking cheap rosé, telling them my story about jérémy last night and laughing.

we go out to the bars, sit outside in the crisp, chilly air, and enjoy each other’s company.

i always need a community like this. and these people are where i feel safe. comfortable. able to express myself and able to accept others.

it’s a lovely place to be.

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