01.03.20 | 9:39 am

i love weekend mornings in this city. today, it's cloudy, the streets are wet, and there aren't many people out and about.

a man rode his bicycle down the street whistling a familiar tune.

an older woman ran near us, sparking emma's interest.

we take our time. we stop where emma wants to stop, sniff the wall, the grass.

i take a lot of time to look at the sky and the buildings and how beautiful my surroundings really are here.

it's peaceful.


i was incredibly cute yesterday. i bought a new dress that is not really my style -- it actually hugs my body -- but i love it so much, and i looked like i stepped straight out of the 90s, and my hair is so long now and the curls yesterday fell out in the most perfect way.

i met up with tito, angela, paola, and daniela at the games cafe. i did everyone's tarot, and then we played dixit and klusters and jungle speed.

the medicine i'm currently on truly made me feel like i was high. it was pleasant.

they asked me about my date later that night. and i said, "it's not a date. i'm just meeting my friend for a drink." which was true.

but as soon as i got home from the cafe, nicolas texted me to say his grandma was going to the hospital, so we'd have to reschedule.

yet i was so cute last night that i spent an hour trying to convince tito to come out somewhere with me. i ended up on the couch, scrolling on my phone, drinking a glass of wine, and being alone.


it's not the time for me. maybe i need this space to be alone. i think i do.

it's an exercise in letting go.

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