09.03.20 | 9:45 pm

tempering my expectations was never my strong suit.


my parents have canceled their trip over here (thanks to the coronavirus); i think we're all pretty bummed by that.

but currently, my friend sarah is here (she arrived on thursday and she's here for a week). it's been nice to have a friend in town again. we traveled to s├Ęte for the weekend, walked by the canals, looked at parakeets in the trees, drank wine, walked up mont saint-clair, sat on rocks at the beach as the waves came toward us. it was exquisite, a lovely little town.

my calves are tight from all the walking, my shoulders tight from not doing my daily yoga. but it's all worth it to explore and to show your friends places you adore.


his first day at the new job was today. he celebrated with a nutella chocolate chip muffin. then we talked about french poets until he decided to go to sleep.

i... don't know.

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