universe giving me what i don't want but need
16.04.20 | 11:44 am

okay, universe. i hear you.

today on the pattern:

-if you still struggle with intimacy, that feeling will be magnified right now to highlight what needs to be fixed. it's a test to see how much you rely on validation from others.

-you'll feel the cost of any codependent or unhealthy relationship patterns you're stuck in. these issues are being made clear so you can confront them by fully owning this part of yourself, rather than projecting your needs onto a partner.

-this can be a positive and exciting period, just be mindful not to fall back on codependent patterns. you'll feel blocked if you attempt this instead of furthering your own autonomy and independence.

-you're being pushed to stop defining who you are according to who you're with, or letting your happiness be based on what someone else thinks, especially your partner.

last night's tarot card:

death reversed - "cycles begin and cycles end" is the message of the death card. it proposes a radical transformation of some kind. but this change can be hard to swallow, and there is resistance here. you cannot always live in the shadow of the past, but you must embrace new beginnings and understand that the phoenix rises from the ashes.

today on a podcast:

"mood management is really important." just like i've been trying to tell myself - i am in charge of monitoring and managing my moods. only me. it's no one else's problem or responsibility.

i hear you. i see you, universe. telling me everything i already know but need to be reminded of. thank you.

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