some positivity
24.04.20 | 1:01 pm

things i love:

-the bright sunlight shining through my open window
-feeling my body get stronger
-staying in balancing poses for longer than i thought i could
-noticing how open my heart and shoulders are
-emma's snoring
-when emma crawls up to me in the morning and i just pet her for five minutes before getting out of bed
-being enamored with a new book again
-the way my hair looks curled today
-the fact that i can wear sandals outside now
-feeling the sweat on my back as i finish yoga
-when something finally clicks and i understand that verb or expression in french
-the fact that today is friday, i think (i checked, it is)
-drinking cold, cold water


i haven't talked to you in two days now. my brain is quieter because of it.


i want to work on connection this weekend. i want to play online board games with my friends, video call for hours, have a netflix party, dress up and feel fancy together. that will be my goal.


my sister-in-law and brother are pregnant, but i don't officially know that yet. our family is so full of babies and it doesn't look like it will stop any time soon. i am really excited about this. when brittany came and visited me here in france in november for her thirtieth birthday, we talked about this -- about how she didn't know if she would be ready for kids for a long time, but she felt better having taken this trip since she "wouldn't be able to afterward." that part made me sad. i get it, but it made me sad. regardless, i know this is something they want and that they're looking forward to. and so i am, too.

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