feeling slightly better
02.05.20 | 1:19 pm

i feel a bit better today. imagine, going out into the world with a purpose makes you feel better and as though you have something to live for.

emma has a lot of gas built up in her intestines, but no obstructions. we have two medicines to relieve that, and a medicine for heart worm just in case.

if this all clears up and she starts acting normally again within the next two weeks, it's fine.

but otherwise: her spleen is really big. it's shaped correctly, but it's enlarged. so that might indicate some sort of hormonal / immune system disease. the vet said not to worry about it yet, only if things don't improve. so there's that.

the vet is very cute. i would like to marry him. just kidding, sort of. it's really cute to hear people talk to dogs in french. adorable.

anyway. did my workout for the day, cleaned the apartment, have two more classes to teach, gonna finish my book, gonna have a netflix party at 10pm with some friends, gonna do yoga. i think it's going to be a good day.

...even if i am 98% sure my plane is going to get canceled and regardless i won't have a way to get to the airport. so yeah.

win some lose some i guess.

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