04.05.20 | 8:34 pm

last night, i walked down the street to tito's apartment to have dinner. he's the only person i've actually interacted with during the entire quarantine, and this made the second time that we hung out.

he poured us some rosé and we had our apéro with pate on toast as we discussed at length what life is like now, how we've been feeling, how amazing it is to be in someone's physical company again.

he made chicken wings in his little oven complete with a little salad, and he set the table, even folded napkins and laid out the cutlery in a lovely fashion, pouring us more wine and glasses of water.

we devoured the wings (something i hadn't eaten since i've been here) and the salad, washing it all down with wine as we took turns choosing songs to share with one another.

one of his songs had the word "lover" in the lyrics, so i explained to him how my opinion of the word has come around thanks to taylor swift's album and song of the same name. so he started playing it, opened his window wide, and held the speaker outside as he swayed his body to the music and as i sang along.

as we drank more wine, he turned on lady gaga and did the complete dance routine to "alejandro" as i cheered him on. we cycled through the backstreet boys, britney spears, the spice girls, more lady gaga. we sang loudly out the window and at the people in the street.

he turned to me and said, "oh, we're all gonna die! the only thing that matters is the way we party!"

later, at midnight, after we finished the bottle and a half of wine, after we each drank two beers, he got up and went to his closet. "come here," he said. "take this." he gave me one of his jackets as he slipped on his own, and i followed his lead as he slipped on his shoes. we walked downstairs into the street.

and he started running.

i followed him, pace for pace, running and laughing in the middle of the night, until we came to a lovely patch of grass and we fell onto it on our backs, sighing and giggling.

"roll!" he said. and so we did: we rolled through the grass until our clothes were covered and our laughter subsided.

we looked at the stars. i pointed out the big dipper. we closed our eyes and breathed in the night air, something we haven't been able to appreciate in a while. we laid there for i don't know how long, until a stranger walking by asked us, "ça va?" and warned us that there were police down the street.

we got up, brushed the grass from our backs, and walked in the opposite direction of the police until they were gone and we could head back up to his apartment.

we listened to a few more songs, our eyelids getting heavier, until i decided it was time to go home.

it is the most alive i've felt since all of this started. and i'm so, so thankful we were able to feel it.

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