why am i like this tho
10.05.20 | 11:36 am

i assign far too much meaning to things, especially to the things people say. for some reason, i find hidden messages there that don't exist. i've always done it. it's a terrible, unfair habit because you can't just prescribe what you want to see onto someone's actions or words.

this transition is hard for me. from talking all day every day, to talking some every day, to going days without talking. and my brain wants to think it's because of how i acted last week. it might be.

but i was feeling this transition at the beginning of april, too. a month ago now. or more.

and i can't keep thinking that there were ever hidden meanings in the things you said to me. i can't assume things were indicating a sense of closeness you may or may not have felt.

all i can really do is accept where we are at this point. wherever that is.

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