11.05.20 | 11:11 am

it is monday morning (barely, it's past 11am already). i was awake from 1am-4am this morning. i rolled out of bed after an hour, made buttered noodles, ate them while watching bon appetit youtube videos. i talked to friends about books and things. it was actually nice.

so i woke up late today, around 9:30am (as opposed to 7-7:30am). i walked emma for 30 minutes (it's going to be rainy all week, we have to go when we can). i made an unhealthy breakfast and ate it while watching two episodes of seinfeld. i took a shower.

i am going to make this a good week. i can be positive. i can find things that will bring me both joy and a sense of accomplishment.

i will finish l'etranger and la chatte this week.

i will work out every day, multiple times a day (at least twice, more if there is still energy coursing through my body).

i will practice my french diligently.

i will video call friends and family.

i will make healthy meals.

i will drink a lot less wine.

it's going to be fine. it's going to be better.

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