5.01 miles
21.05.20 | 8:25 pm

i finished a 5.01 mile run, which i ran in 45:43 at a 9:07 minute pace per mile.


1. i haven't run that far since grad school.

2. i haven't run at such a fast pace in my whole life.

a few contributing factors:

1. this was an evening run. i've been doing most of my runs mid-morning before or in between classes, but i didn't have anything i had to get back to tonight, which helped.

2. i think the strength training (every other day) and the yoga (every day) are really paying off and helping.

this is the one good thing that has truly come out of quarantine for me: a renewed love of running, of actually moving my body, of finding accomplishment in what it can do and what power it holds.

this is so fucking awesome.

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