06.06.20 | 8:49 pm

i feel such a sense of peace, of contentment being here at home.

i rise at either 4:45 or 5:45am to start working online. i teach for three hours, and then i make breakfast. the house is empty except for me and emma, and it’s quiet, and it’s mine.

after, emma and i take a walk for an hour. i am able to let her off leash so she can run full speed after the ball i've launched down the street. we return, me covered in a film of sweat and her panting and ready to rest.

my yoga practice takes between thirty minutes and an hour, depending on how dedicated or tired i feel.

and then i can either run or do my strength workout. this helps me walk around the rest of the day knowing i’ve accomplished something, that i’ve done something good for myself.

shower, make myself presentable, eat lunch.

and after that comes the reading! i have so many books to get through this summer, both english and french, and i’m currently reading someone who will love you in all your damaged glory which is, so far, fantastic.

i might take a break to watch an episode of a show, but soon, my dad and my brother get home. i spend time talking with them before retreating back into my room for my leisure time. it doesn’t feel suffocating anymore because i know that there are people on the other side of the wall, people i can talk to and be next to and gather energy from.

in the evening, we all watch game shows together and my mom gets home. these shows lead to lots of different conversations and i’m thankful for them.

by 7:30 or 8:00pm, i am ready for bed. i want to lounge and relax and drink my ice water and read some more so that my brain slowly shuts down for sleep.

this is perfect and will make for a perfect summer. no need for anything high stress, just enjoying my family, enjoying the quiet, enjoying my life.

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