fam fam
06.07.20 | 8:47 pm

i’m going to add a bit of a bright spot after that:

the other day, i walked into the room and my sister-in-law told my nephew tate that his aunt tia was there. he jumped up, yelled, “TIA!!!!” and ran up to me and hugged me.

i rolled around in the floor with my niece sutton until she laughed at me, took the blue’s clues toys and made the “bow bow bow” sounds until she started giggling.

and my niece addi slept with me most nights, wanted to hang around with me, and even though she’s at the age where she drives me a little crazy because i actually have to discipline her, i have so much love in my heart for her. because of her shitty parents i feel like i need to be an extra parent, not just a fun aunt anymore, and i just want the best for her — buying her books to read, encouraging exercise, cooking with her, talking with her, exploring emotions with her. when she got mad at me, i told her, “it’s okay that you’re angry, you can be mad, we can talk about it if you want to, but this is what’s happening.” who knows if it’s for the best or not?

i love my family so much. i am truly lucky.

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