08.07.20 | 5:48 pm

when matt left me at the airport (so long ago now), i felt as though something were literally breaking inside of me. i knew then, for sure, it would be over.

and now i'm feeling that again. a miniature version, that is. about you.

this is for the best.


i am so tired of my own patterns. of feeling so special because of a bit of attention, and eventually realizing that the person is what i dislike the most: just inconsiderate.

above all, inconsiderate.


i watched all of normal people. that show hurts. it hurts over and over and over. but it's so good, and so well done, and i can't wait to devour the book now.


my emotions have been on high alert for about a week now. i'm responding healthfully. doing yoga when the emotions start rising in my chest or clamping down on my shoulders. drinking a glass of water. going for a run.

to be honest with you, i just want to sleep all day.

i'm struggling a bit with my productivity.

and then struggling with the guilt i feel about that.

but things will be fine. they always are.


i think...

i'm sad.

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