saaaaame number
16.09.20 | 7:56 am

i suppose my body has chosen a weight and settled here. i weighed myself again for the first time since i did a few weeks ago (when it had ticked up and i freaked out) but now the little red numbers are saying the same thing they've said for most of the summer.

it really feels like autumn out now, by the way. it's lovely.

i'm working from home today, so i just did about twenty minutes of yoga to wake myself up. it is so lovely to see how straight i can stand, how i can form these poses correctly, how strong my body does actually look when i do them.

i started thinking about if i want to change that, that number, then i'm going to have to be very diligent, you know. but i don't think i want to. i don't even want to put forth the effort. i want to run and strength train and walk and do yoga all the time. i want to eat what tastes good. and i want to be happy about it all.

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