18.11.20 | 8:35 pm

our governor put more restrictions on the state covid-wise (which was the right call, i think). i won't be teaching students in-person again until after the new year. so, it's good to know what to expect, anyway.

i've been trying to make things more interesting for the students: we had an assignment where they made memes about othello, i made our first paper next trimester about whether or not tiktok is good for teens. i'm trying, i guess, is what i'm trying to say here.

i've spent countless hours trying to contact parents and sending specialized emails to students -- whether to list their missing assignments or to literally ask how they're holding up -- to little avail.

and yet our principal emailed us this morning telling us to be "lenient on grades this trimester".

i cannot grade what i do not have. if they do not do the work (even just the work i tell them is worth the most), then there is nothing i can do.

it's such a hard thing to balance, but like i have told them all this trimester:

yes, this sucks.
yes, this is hard.
but now is the time to adapt and persevere and move on.

i'm hoping next trimester will be better.

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