15.02.21 | 10:20 am

i had a pretty nice birthday overall. even though i'd already completed two workouts, i realized i could run 3.1 miles for 31 years so i did that too. lots of my family came over, we played with my brother's vr set, and i ate my lemon cheesecake.

the first birthday message i read was from hugo (from nye two years ago) which made me laugh. life is funny!

i was also surprised that almost all of my france friends messaged me and actually remembered my birthday. that was lovely.

the other night, my mom and dad and i sat in the living room and binged all seven hours of the queen's gambit together.

found out today i didn't get the summer teaching job that i was really wanting, but that's okay. they decided to offer the positions to everyone who had been hired last year but did not get to work due to the pandemic (which makes sense). i will just do summer school instead for $30 an hour (haha).

we had an ice storm and didn't go to school three days last week and now we are having a snow storm and probably won't go to school at all this week, either. but that's all right.

my anxiety has been relatively bad the last week or so. that's mostly just annoying because my brain thinks every little twinge in my body means i'm going to die.

this is just a basic update i suppose. feels like i don't have much to say lately.

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