29.03.21 | 7:33 pm

i just had the real physical symptoms of what would be an anxiety attack for the first time in a while: heart beating about 30 beats faster per minute than normal, head getting fuzzy, feeling light headed. but i was able to sit there and calm myself down.

i'm exhausted now.

well, that and the 5 miles i did this afternoon i guess are what exhausted me.

and the incessant repetition of "please wear your mask correctly" to students in the hall at school.

currently desperately in desire of someone i can lay my head on and who can tell me that i don't have to finish my french homework tonight or do my yoga, we can just finish superstore instead. but i haven't had that in... four years.

jesus christ, has it been that long?

would now like to curl into a ball and cry for a while simply due to exhaustion. will probably complete french homework and do yoga instead, and then flop on my bed and fall asleep immediately.

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