05.05.21 | 7:07 pm

joe and i went out again on sunday. mini golf, arcade, wings, hanging out talking and then making out in his car. he brought me a whole entire plant and my favorite candy and he paid for my dinner. he actually remembers things i say, he asks good questions, he is unapologetically interested in me. there is nothing hiding there -- he is interested and he tells me so. he took the enneagram test for me (5w6). he calls me on the phone. he talks to me every day.

friday night, he is cooking for me. there will be stuffed chicken, mashed potatoes, asparagus, wine. i don't have to do anything at all. just arrive.

i am going to just go with this. i am not going to overthink it.

i think he is cute and nice and lovely and i want to spend more time with him. it doesn't have to be anything bigger than that at this moment right now.

i think friday will be good. we shall wait and see.

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