09.06.21 | 5:27 pm

i made pasta primavera, and it was absolutely delicious and full of vegetables. my body is so used to eating a bajillion vegetables now that when i don't, i truly feel the effects in an awful way.

at tate's last tee ball game, when i had wandered over to watch addi's softball game, travis texted me and said, "come watch tate bat, he wants you here" and it made me so, so, so happy. i love these children an insane amount. i can't even describe it.

dating is, generally, terrible, and i think maybe i should just stop for a while. but i'd like to meet ed, even if he doesn't seem incredibly enthusiastic at this moment. i've also been talking to this guy named tim mostly about claire saffitz and cooking (i'm going to try to make her cheesecake this weekend).

this weekend i'll be meeting up with my grad school friends and spending the entire weekend with them. i have been trying to plan things out but no one has really added anything to that. i still think it's going to be lovely and fun.


i wrote all that last night. i ended up taking a rest day (unscheduled) because i was truly exhausted, and i was this morning, too, and sad, and choking up while reading my book. but i felt really good during my workout, and that's a good thing.

maybe i'll write more later. maybe not.

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