so thank you, james, for that
27.07.21 | 6:40 pm

i needed this, this reminder that flirting can be sweet and spicy and adorable all at once, but most importantly, fun.

he is, as my friend says, "in the same font as me". he's absolutely gorgeous, rounded tortoiseshell glasses, crazy wavy hair, eyes that really smile. his name is james.

and he's not from here.

he's from -- get this -- colorado. just on vacation.

we might not even meet up at all, but this flirtation has been exactly what i needed.

sunday morning, we both stayed in bed and sent emo song recommendations back and forth for hours. he sent me blink-182's "first date" (even though it was a bit out of genre) and said he couldn't resist the flirtiness of it. then as we were running out, he said, "can i send you one more?", and he only sent the spotify link. when i pulled it up, it was ok go's "you're so damn hot."

and i died.

i asked him out for a drink ("at the risk of being too forward," i said) and we started to make plans ("i like forward," he said). but as i said, he's visiting friends, and his buddy who had gotten food poisoning was feeling up for seeing him, so of course that's what he did.

he says the cutest, sweetest, and most upfront things to me:

"i got to say, i don't usually spend the entire first date with someone in bed, but i'm glad i made an exception for this. you're a blast in bed. i mean, you're fun to blast music in bed with."

he tells me thank you for spending a great evening talking with him. he tells me how much he wants to talk to me.

this is so low-pressure and adorable and lovely, and has honestly reminded me that these things can be good. and nothing has to actually come from it. (though i wouldn't mind making out with him at least.) this can be wonderful, having someone tell you how cute they think you are, asking good questions, telling silly jokes...

it's so nice to feel it again.

it's so nice to feel as though i will have something like this again some day.

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