wheels down safely :)
02.08.21 | 6:41 pm

we didn't end up meeting. when he flirtatiously told me he might have to make another trip back here soon, i told him, "i'm not even kidding -- please tell me if you do," and he responded, "i wasn't kidding either."

he told me how he'd been serious about getting a drink or a meal with me, how excited he has been to talk with me and connect with me.

it's been so incredibly refreshing, feeling so unabashedly wanted, so ridiculously listened to.

i asked him today if he wanted to stay in touch when he got back home and he said that he did. texted me on his entire way to the airport, told me when he got through security, described some of his favorite books to me while the plane was taxiing.

i know what this could lead to for me. it has been my brain's ideal setup, really: someone who wants to talk to me all the time, who is kind and up front and forward, who makes me laugh and shares so many interests.

i've certainly (stupidly) fallen for people who lived miles and miles away under these exact circumstances.

so i need to temper expectations.

just be happy to have a new (very cute) friend out of it all.

this is good.

it really, truly is.

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