ted lasso is so good that you should watch it immediately
27.08.21 | 9:51 pm

i'm in the middle of watching ted lasso and it has so much heart and is so lovely i might cry.

i'm so attracted to roy that it just solidifies my thing for grumpy dudes who hate everything except for me.

sent james a message last night basically giving him an out, letting him bow out of talking to me, and instead he sent back, "i don't feel i need to talk to you. i want to. i enjoy it." amongst other things like, apologizing, i don't know, how do people deal with other people who can actually actively take responsibility for their own shit?

i just want to finish ted lasso and cry.

sometimes i so desperately miss the closeness of just being near someone, laying my head on their shoulder, or holding hands, while we watched some kind of show i may or may not have actually cared about.

i want to feel close.

i want someone's arms wrapped around me. or vice versa.

i want the intimacy of it all.

i want a phone call before i fall asleep.

i want... too much, maybe.

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