new workout plan
07.09.21 | 6:01 pm

i had been wondering for a month why i was suddenly so tired by my workouts, getting burnt out after just three miles, not even wanting to do any strength training.

then, i went back through them, and i realized that for the last (nearly) two years, my idea of a successful workout has been "work yourself until the point of exhaustion or you didn't do enough".

shockingly, that might be part of the problem.

so i reconfigured today. i found a month-long 10k running plan that includes three runs per week: an easy 3-4 miler, a speed run, and a 5-7 mile long run.

on my off days, i'll have one upper body strength workout, one lower body, and one core.

and then i have to give myself a full day of rest.

suddenly, i'm excited again. i'm ready to try this out. let's go.

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