even more of the same
05.10.21 | 7:18 pm

thank goodness for friends and spending time with them. had a lovely few days with sue ellen. went to an orchard and a winery and got my autumn to-do list kicked off right. we also watched the new season of love on the spectrum which was very sweet.

i have to keep telling myself that he's done the right thing. that all of this would've been unnecessarily hard to begin with. that he's not going to text me randomly one day and tell me he misses me and he made a mistake.

but i think that's just part of it. it's how these things go, isn't it? you can accept it, but your feelings aren't immediately going to go away.

i just can't get over how great it felt to be seen and understood and desired by someone i actually found genuinely lovely and smart and kind.


the only way out is through.

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