ready for autumn
15.10.21 | 4:58 pm

it’s mid-october already. the temperatures still feel like late summer, and i find myself ready for something colder, something that would allow me to wrap myself up.

driving to the next town over, the trees lining the parkway are still a bright green. there are a few reddish leaves here and there, like they’re making an effort but they aren’t quite ready yet.

i’m driving to my first date with someone since… joe. back in june. i don’t have any particular hopes for any of it. just some wine and conversation.

but the sun is bright and for the first time in weeks, it feels like something good could happen. the possibility is there.

all the songs that came up on my playlist were songs we traded back and forth or songs i wanted one day to share with you, the ones i kept in my back pocket for you.

i’ll save them for myself.

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