seth vs james
17.11.21 | 4:47 pm

i... like seth. quite a bit, actually. i like when he holds my hand. we still haven't kissed (not even on our impromptu date that i suggested last night), but i'm actually kind of liking that. on saturday, i'll go to his house, we'll go to an emo night concert, i'll stay the night and we'll eat pizza and drink wine. i'm so excited. i like getting messages from him, even if he's quieter than me.

and yet in the back of my head, i'm still comparing this to the experience of james. the addictive quality he had, how i wanted to talk to him constantly and vice versa, how nearly every message made my stomach flip in the best way possible. how often he told me how cute i was and how lovely i was, and how free i felt to tell him the same.

i know these things aren't ever going to be the same. and logically, i know that this slow burn is healthier, and way less devastating. this feels good, this thing with seth. he's sweet. he's good.

but james is still, annoyingly, in the back of my mind.

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