this feels nice
07.12.21 | 6:07 pm

we meet in the middle just to walk around stores and stare at things, my head leaning on his shoulder. just to sit next to each other on a couch in a brewery, our hands entwined. just to sit in his car and talk until it's time to leave, being as close together as possible.

this feels so lovely and kind.

because it is december, and it is the holidays, he is about to meet my many friends and family members. he is a lot quieter than me, a lot more introverted, and a little stressed about it all, but willing to do it.

all i want to do when i come home from work is to be able to lay on a couch with his arms wrapped around me.

this feels healthy. i am not obsessive or worried. it feels secure.

i know it might sound cheesy or silly, but i think my experience with james -- being so incredibly open with someone for once, feeling so utterly accepted for once -- led me to be able to be here, in this moment, to recognize what is in front of me and to appreciate it.

i like him.

a lot.

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