random update
30.12.21 | 2:29 pm

i feel like there is so much to say, yet simultaneously nothing to report.

a few things:

-seth told me that he loves me. i will write more about this later, but it feels nice.

-i have now somehow dodged covid twice after being super in contact with people who have it. yay booster?

-therapy has been really good for me so far, and i've learned some good tools i'm actually using.

-related to things i talked about in therapy, i abandoned my half marathon training because i realized i just didn't want to do it. we've been talking about my obsession with exercise and my need to prove myself (to who? literally no one), so i took some time to reflect and changed my goals, and it feels really good.

-i am really looking forward to the upcoming months. there will be my birthday, going to an emo night, seeing a broadway show and going to a fancy dinner for valentine's, seeing letterkenny live, some kind of january party matt and erin plan on throwing, possibly seeing john mulaney, and then spring break. so much to do! and it's so exciting.

-seth's dog and my dog finally met, and though i was incredibly nervous, they're getting along quite well now, which is super nice.

-when i was visiting kayley (which was a 6.5 hour drive), the first night i woke up at 1, 4, and 6 to throw up my entire guts. i rarely get sick. it was miserable. and to be sick in someone else's home! it is not ideal.

-tomorrow is new year's eve, and i am ecstatic to just go to sue ellen's house so we can all drink, eat, and play just dance all night. that will be sue and jason's first real time meeting seth.

-kayley made me start a roth ira. that's kind of neat and adultish.

-i'm thinking a lot about what i want this next year to hold. and that feels good, too.

i don't know. overall, things are just... good right now. doesn't that feel nice to say!

maybe i'll go more in-depth later.

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