sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name
2012-01-03 | 7:51 p.m.

i've never felt as free as i do now.

i have a boyfriend as of december 30th, he's sweet and he rubs my back before going to sleep and when i walk in shaking from the cold he holds my hands to warm me up and kisses me on the top of my head.

i kind of like him...

but what i enjoy even more than that is finally getting to spend time with my two best friends in the whole world, the two who i know will be there for me and who have been there for me since we were thirteen.

i rang in the new year in the best way i ever have. i got drunk and danced and watched everyone kiss each other and kissed a lot of people myself and drank lots of blueberry vodka and lemonade and eventually got tired around 2 or 3am.

these past few months--while difficult--my god, they're the best i think i've ever had. i feel like i have so much power over my life right now, that i can do anything i want to, that no one is going to keep me from that anymore. it's an amazing feeling.

it really is.

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