...i don't know what to say.
2012-02-15 | 2:26 p.m.

i saw eric today.

i mean, i talked to him.

i saw his car pull in behind mine in the parking lot, and because of this, i walked the long way around to get to the library.

i saw him and then i started to run away. and then i slowed down. and then i turned. and then i said, "hey, eric."

and he said, "hey," and attempted to walk on.

"come here," i said.

when he was within talking distance, "thank you. for the card."

"you're welcome. did you like it?"

"i did." we laughed. "it was good. thank you."

"well," he starts walking away. "i've gotta go to tax. then work. how exciting!"

and we say our have-a-good-days.

how odd it was, with him that close to me, to not reach up and kiss him. how strange to not feel his hand in mine.


in less emotional news (aka tia needs to think about something else if she's going to complete five hours worth of homework) i ran three whole miles today, and my roommates and i are probably signing up for a 5K in march. it feels good to feel accomplished at something. at anything.

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