i gotta get a belly full of wine
31.05.13 | 7:27 pm

i am by myself at home right now and i thought to myself, why not watch a movie? and then i looked at my movie collection, all these films i really adore, and then left my room without choosing one.

some things are somehow unimportant if you can't share them with someone else. i can watch a television show by myself for days and days, but watching a movie by myself depresses me.


i started a summer job (at walmart) and while transition periods are hard for me (i hate not knowing what to do, it makes me feel stupid), i suppose it will have to do.



i haven't talked to you (not really) in about three days. we both have jobs now, i am going to sleep much earlier, and this is probably for the best.

when something happens, my first instinct is not to tell you anymore.

this is okay.
this is good.
this is necessary.


i have been wondering lately what it is i have to offer. so far, i haven't come up with much besides: i am nice.

it's not much, is it?


i have thought for years that the lyrics to this song go, "i wanna tell her that i love her a lot, but i kinda got a belly full of wine," meaning, i want to tell her, but i can't because i'm drunk and would rather wait. but the actual lyrics are, "but i gotta get a belly full of wine."

this is one of my favorite beatles' songs, and my mistake doesn't change that, is all.

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