it's hot
14.07.13 | 10:00 pm

it's bryant's birthday today.

something's wrong and our air conditioner has been out all weekend.

"i adopt you! come to colorado!"

emma keeps panting like a madwoman.

skype to see puppies and ignore you in your boxers.

had to put on a shirt just to talk to you though.

i have plans but they're unsteady/faulty.

i am sweating from just being.

what am i doinggggggg

i've been watching shameless and damn is that show good.

there isn't really much to talk about.

except maybe that i'm out of birth control and my appointment isn't for another two weeks.

so i am half waiting to feel crazy since i haven't been off it in five years. (but not really.)

"look in the mirror every day and say good things about yourself."

leave me here to melttttttttt

(hi my name's tia and sometimes i'm overdramatic because i think it's fun.)

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