25.07.13 | 2:33 pm

been listening to this band all day.

i'm full of all these worthless things to say and my brain is exhausted from always running around and panicking about everything from my inability to get the kind of birth control i have used for the past five years to how terribly my body will probably react to the kind they want to give me to how do i make new friends and meet new people to when will i ever connect with someone else again to is my crazy feeling, my crazy anxiety of late due to hormones or am i just like this all the time to why can't i just let things go like everyone else and move on to wondering now if you lie to me to worrying over the ways other people fight while somewhat forgetting that the way i fight is much worse and is much of the reason why i avoid it to writing these nonsensical things to being relieved that the new ob/gyn i went to didn't ask me how many sexual partners i've had because i've never found that to be relevant anyway to why is there such a stigma on that anyway to do i think too much or write too much to does it ever do anyone any good?

i don't know.

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