11.08.13 | 8:27 pm

my parents came to visit today. they took me shopping and bought me two dresses and two pairs of shoes and they took me to shogun and when they dropped me off at home, they gave me $100.

my parents are really cute and are the most helpful people in the world. sometimes i complain that i'm just like my mother, but my god if i end up just like her, i'll be doing damn well.


i made fruit salad tonight and it is delicious and i also bought bread for the first time since i've lived in this house, so i made a grilled cheese with spinach and jalapenos and it was so, so tasty. i forget that there is food i can eat at home that is good. and now i have all this extra fruit and i'm just excited about it.


i haven't had a real conversation with matt adams in a couple of weeks now. it's weird. weird but understandable. it hurts my feelings in a significant way but i'm trying to forget about it. it was bound to happen sometime.


emma's first birthday is on saturday. i'm going to buy her some toys and treats and maybe even a hat tomorrow and it is going to be cute, cute, cute.

i have three days left at walmart.

sometimes i am just relaxed and remember how good i have it.

i'm such a lucky girl.

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