disarming smile
04.12.13 | 11:09 pm

i bought my plane ticket for florida and by the end of the week i will have hopefully bought my plane ticket to colorado (for practically a whole week's stay!).

today, i taught a lesson on fused sentences and comma splices for the eng100 class i've been shadowing. it went so well. all of the students responded really well. after class, alvarez told me that i have really good energy in front of the classroom, that i'm so happy and open, and that i have a "disarming smile" that makes the students want to participate. it made me feel so, so good.

there are days when you remember why you want to do what you've chosen (in this case, teaching), and today is one of those days.

to top it all off, it looks like the 8:00a class i'm teaching next semester is getting changed to 1:50p. how much better can it get?

all i have to do is get through next wednesday.

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