my eyes are so tired right now
19.08.14 | 5:28 pm

i leave in two days, but the good thing is that in just over a month, i'll already get to see matt again! and then after that, it'll be like a month and a halfish when he gets to come in for my graduation (hopefully) and/or to help me move (if things go accordingly)...

i am SO SO SO excited already about vacation in october.

and i am really excited about going to denver with matt tomorrow, even though he has to go to class. but after that we have a hotel, and we'll get some good food, and i'll probably get a little drunk and i might even cry because i know i will be very sad.

but i can't wait to see my puppy, i can't wait to see my family, i can't wait to see my friends.

i know this upcoming semester is going to be my hardest one ever, but i am so determined to spend so much time with all the people i love. i am not going to be a hermit. i am going to be exciting and do things with people all the time and everything is going to turn out okay.

the school has all my money screwed up right now, i can't figure out blackboard, i can't order this one book because the website is stupid, and a lot of other random stuff has gone kind of wrong today, but it's going to be fine because i just talked to my mom on the phone and i love her, the end.

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